Leverage the Power of Peer Advisory

You may be one peer advisory group away from unlocking the secret to navigating a particular leadership challenge or overcoming the obstacles preventing you from scaling your business.

Interested in becoming a better leader and accelerating your small business to the next level?

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Are You a CEO, aka Chief Everything Officer, of a small business and feeling overwhelmed by leadership challenges?

Struggling to fuel growth as you’re mired in day-to-day business operations and haven’t been able to stay ahead of the trends?

Loooking for a future, where you don’t feel alone, lead more effectively, grow your business, and have a supportive community to turn to for unbiased guidance to navigate through these obstacles? I can help!

I lead a peer advisory board that can offer advice without their own agenda, understand your level of responsibility, and relate to the pressure that comes with making difficult decisions. You see, without the right executive-level support and un-biased guidance, leadership can be a lonely and daunting journey. Mistakes can be costly, opportunities can slip away, and growth can stagnate.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

How I Help

Peer Advisory Group

I lead an exclusive group of small business CEOs, where you can tap into the collective wisdom and shared empathy from non-competing leaders. Gain clarity on your pressing challenges while nurturing a sense of accountability for your next steps.

Executive Coaching

Experience one-to-one coaching from an accomplished executive and business owner like me. Gain empathetic and personalized guidance to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

World-class Speakers & Events

Engage with world-class speakers at our advisory board meetings. Absorb expertise at regional events, and boot camps. Spark new ideas for business growth and personal development.

Executive Coach & Bestselling Author 

I’m Nadeem, and I lead a CEO peer advisory board designed to help small business CEOs lead with clarity, make sharper decisions, and accelerate their business, with the support of a like-minded peer group. Members of my elite peer advisory group in Austin, TX, blend collaborative leadership, empowerment, and a growth mindset to spark transformation across business and life.

Why can I help you? Here are some highlights from my 30-year career:

    • Scaled a team from 5 to 100 multi-disciplinary staff within a year
    • Grew a business from $10M to $200M in annual revenue within 5 years
    • Wrote a #1 Amazon Bestselling book on effective innovation leadership
    • Manage a $4M+ asset portfolio, as owner of a RE investment company

I know the sole responsibility of leading multi-disciplinary teams, managing vendors / partners, and setting innovative direction for sustained growth within a dynamic business landscape.

I’m excited to partner with Vistage, and their 65-year track record in CEO coaching, to foster a peer advisory model that supports both your business and personal leadership goals.

Within this collaborative space, you can:

    • Absorb fresh perspectives from (and build a connection with) a group of local peers in a confidential environment
    • Engage in one-to-one coaching sessions with me to address your most pressing issues and opportunities
    • Tap into the wisdom of world-class speakers to spark ideas and keep you ahead of the curve

Let’s touch base (via the form below) and explore how a peer advisory group can be the active support system you need to amplify your impact with confidence and care.

—Nadeem Ahmad

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What CEOs are Saying About Nadeem Ahmad

“Nadeem’s strategies can tremendously help any business!”

James Malinchak
Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire.” (Viewed by 50M+ WW) Authored 27 Books, Delivered 3,000 Presentations & 2,000 Consultations Best-Selling Author, Millionaire Success Secrets Founder

Nadeem’s approach provides a deep exploration of innovation, leadership, and the frameworks necessary to bridge the gap between cutting edge ideas and tangible customer success! I am impressed with the fact that Nadeem emphasizes embracing a growth mindset to his clients!

Wendy Howell
Executive Council Network

Nadeem‘s approach has revolutionized my understanding of emerging technologies. His innovative thinking and strategic frameworks are poised to guide me towards remarkable success in the future.

Mariola Czarniak
Maximum Results Academy

Nadeem’s unique perspective on managing emerging technologies has been a game-changer for my mindset. His strategies are thought-provoking, enlightening, and hold promise for implementing real change.

Michael A. Beas
The Beas Group, Inc.

Through Nadeem’s frameworks, I’ve learned that navigating technology isn’t about reacting to change, it’s about anticipating and capitalizing on it. His teachings will be pivotal in our journey towards being a leader in innovation.

Darren Augi
ITILITI Technology Partners

Nadeem’s strategies always maintain a perfect balance of innovative thinking and practical execution and continue to yield tremendous benefits for companies and their clients! Whoever engages him will be fortunate for doing so!

Ettienne Reinecke
Strategic Advisor
Parc Capital

I have been really privileged to work with Nadeem and really appreciate his ongoing commitment to learning and thoughtful insights on innovation!

Peter Gray
TwinLabs AI

My abiding memories of Nadeem will always be his ability to remain calm and cool in the tensest situations and to take complex subjects and distill them into concepts and language that made it accessible to anyone – a true gift!

Jeff Jack
Reflex Solutions

Nadeem has left his mark on so many great initiatives within the organization and has always been a pleasure to work with!

Rob Lopez
Group Executive Vice President
NTT Ltd.

I am so happy my paths crossed with Nadeem. His meticulous attention to detail and broad tech understanding (and being able to translate it for non-techies to understand) were much appreciated!

Janice Mueller
Vice President, Strategy & Growth
Thomson Reuters

My Approach

I’m currently seeking like-minded and diverse small business CEOs from all industries to form my elite peer advisory board here in Austin, TX. What do I mean by like-minded? Here’s my approach to executive coaching:

Collaborative Leadership

I believe it’s human nature to collaborate. However, the higher you go in leadership positions, the smaller the pool of potential collaborators becomes. I foster an environment in which leaders work together to process issues in an open and mutually respectful way.

Empowerment Through Guidance

My approach centers on posing the right questions, fostering a nurturing environment where answers can organically surface. I envision myself as a guide, empowering members to uncover their unique paths, make thoughtful decisions, and embrace ownership of their success.

Innovation and Adaptation

In a dynamic business environment, I stress the value of innovation, adaptability, and visionary thinking. I encourage members to warmly embrace change, explore new possibilities, and thoughtfully utilize emerging technologies for a competitive edge.

Growth-Oriented Mindset

I promote a growth mindset that goes beyond mere financial success. It’s about personal and professional development, continuous learning, and striving for excellence. I support members in setting ambitious goals and working diligently to achieve them.

Book a Discovery Call

My coaching philosophy is rooted in nurturing a supportive community where business leaders can not only thrive and innovate but also lead with clarity and integrity.

It focuses on sparking transformation across all facets of life, blending understanding, wisdom, and a heartfelt commitment to effecting positive change.

I am currently selecting members to form an elite and exclusive peer advisory group in Austin, TX. If you’re the CEO or owner of a small business facing leadership hurdles or aiming to propel your growth further, I’d love to discuss how I can assist you.

Please complete the form to the right with some details about yourself and your company, and I’ll get in touch to arrange an introductory conversation. Together, let’s discover how a peer advisory group can strengthen your leadership and elevate your business to the next level!